Animal Communication is a great success during a rescue dog adoption process…

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How can Animal Communiation help with adopting a dog into a new family home?

Extremely well!

This beautiful 13-week young, red & tan Australian Kelpie was adopted this week, after having spent a few weeks with a wonderful foster family.  This little girl was found on a farm, with her sibblings around her, abandoned.  She was taken into foster care and has now found her new happy home, in Sydney.

Just after the puppy was discovered by her new human mum, I was engaged to communicate with her to ensure she was happy to be adopted by her new mum and ensure a smooth adoption process.  Between mum and puppy, it was love at first sight.

From that moment I communicated with the puppy to make sure she was prepared for her move.  She was very open to the communication process and I was able to ensure the new mum and the puppy were a great match.  The puppy was happy to listen to how the process was taking place, where she was going to live and with whom.

As I was invited to see the home, I could send the puppy images of her new home, via telepathy, so she was already becoming familiar.

Now, both little girl and mum are very happy and comfortable together.

Are you keen to ensure adopting a new animal into your family is a smooth and care-free process?  Then let’s chat and find out how I can help you…

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