Bianca talking to rescue horse Franklin

Animal Communication

Wouldn't it be interesting to know exactly what your pet is thinking?
Tune into your animal's frequency,
so you experience understanding and know what is going on for your pet.

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What is Animal Communication?

Communicating with animals via telepathy; sharing of words, images, feelings, emotions, colours etc.  The communication happens from a place of unconditional love via telepathy and intuitive connection.   Reiki is also applied when needed, to balance energies, clear negative blockages, aches and pains and most of all to relax animals.

"Bianca played a vital role in Stevie being found, and I thank you sincerely!"

September 2017


"From stiffness and pain to more flexibility and balance"

April 2017


"We all arrived safe and sound; several car trips later, doing beautifully. Thank you, Bianca  you came to my rescue!."

October 2017

Benefits of communicating with animals

  • It can help find out if your pet is happy and what makes them happy

  • You are in a better position to understand your pet's behaviour towards people and/or other pets

  • It can help you find your pet when lost

  • You will be able to understand and help with any nutritional needs

  • During times of transitioning to the other side, you can support your pet and make the transition smooth and peaceful

  • It will help you during times of grief and sadness

  • You better understand their health issues, if any

  • When you are away from home, you can still communicate with your pet

  • We have a better understanding what is happening in the animal kingdom, as we tap into their wealth of wisdom and knowledge

Healing Shadow

February 2015

Enjoy this beautiful 20-min healing and conversation Bianca has with Shadow, a beautiful mare in Victoria, Australia. 

Bianca de Reus talking to Ned the dog

How does a session work?


Communication can happen with the animal present, in their own environment or by distance via a photo of your animal.


A consultation starts by asking your pet for permission to have a conversation and by telling them we love them.  When we have permission, I will ask the questions you have and provide you with the answers and information directly from your pet.

We will then work out an action and care plan detailing how you can further help your pet. A session is always closed by thanking them for sharing and telling them we love them.


All sessions are recorded and emailed to you prior to our consult, so you can review the information received, and further explore the findings.

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Pretto: his human guardian shares her experience

I had the honour and pleasure to visit Jacqueline Holth (Founder of Bright Futures of Bardia) and her beautiful dog, Pretto, here in Sydney, Australia.

Jacqueline didn't have any particular issues with or questions for Pretto, but just wanted to find out what Pretto was willing to share and see what animal communication is all about.  


It was a beautiful, gentle and harmonious connection as Pretto is such a loving Soul; an amazing experience, once again.