Animals help us heal…

by 30 Mar, 2016Animal Communication, Energy Healing

Did you know that animals help us heal ourselves?

All too often do I learn from animals they help us heal by reflecting what we experience, so we learn what we need to do to help ourselves.  

For example, a dog can take on our anxiety or depression. Once the dog has these symptoms, we become aware (external) and do everything in our power to help the dog. However, what we often don’t realise is that the dog shows us that WE suffer (internal) from anxiety and depression and WE need to do something about it to help US.

When was the last time you really observed your dog, cat, bird, lizard? What do you observe? How do they act? Does it look familiar?

Ask yourself: what is my pet doing that looks like something I am doing? What is my pet feeling, that is the same as I am feeling?

If there is anything you recognise in yourself, tell your pet that you have been made aware, thank your pet and keep them posted on what you are going to do to get better, to feel different, to heal yourself.

Make sure you let them know you have understood and are grateful for them showing you the way…Even if you are not sure you can ‘communicate’ with you pet, I can guarantee you your pet is certainly communicating with you and they understand you better than you will ever know.

So what are you going to do from now on??

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