Animals play an important role

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Without realising it, we have animals around us for a reason.

As an animal communicator, I often hear them tell me that they fulfill an important role in their own lives as well as for their human families and carers.

Animals are with us as our guide, our teacher and unconditionally support and love us.

Animals never judge us, cause us pain or harm intentionally.

Animals comfort us and tell us that we are never alone.

Animals support us at all times.

Animals will help us move through sadness, grief and change.

Animals tell us we are very much loved, unconditionally.

Recently I felt very much ‘in the dumps’ and was comforted by my dogs.  Both of them were providing me with encouraging words, support and their love.  I felt so warm, inspired and supported, that it helped me through the negativity and become positive and confident again.

You may have noticed your dog, cat, bird or guinea pig, to name a few, come to you during times of need, sadness, anxiety or illness.

How much would you learn when you truly tune in, listen and act upon the guidance you are given?  How much better would you feel?  You might feel more confident, stronger, happier and joyful when you accept their love and support and embrace their pure existence in our lives.

Go ahead; give it a go and allow yourself to open up to animals.  

If you have any questions or need help, you know where I am…

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