Are you courageous?

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You can have courage, and you can have comfort; but not both.

That’s a great statement, do you agree?

I have personally experienced, that when you have comfort, it’s all warm and fuzzy, nice and cosy and things are happening steadily, without major events. However, the dream you are chasing? Is it coming closer? Are you seeing opportunities to reach the dream faster? Do you have new people around you to help you reach that dream? Correct me if I am wrong, but I am guessing the answer is ‘no’ to most, if not all these questions.

Staying in our comfort zone is wonderful! I know…I am there with you…and how much fun it is, right? But then you have these feeling nagging at you, this quiet voice yelling out…

‘Step out!’

‘Go for it!’

‘You’ve got this!’

‘Go talk to that person!’

‘Go do that thing!’

But it’s scary, right? It’s daunting at times…I feel you…I hear you…I am scared at times…

My question is; are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, and be who you are and do what you want? Are you ready to live your purpose? Then I am here to gently push you, and invite you TODAY…to step into your courageous self: go for it, as you DO HAVE THIS!

The minute you go for it, feeling the fear, and just accept it and do it…you will feel so exhilarated, happy, proud of yourself and you are moving forward.

A little bit out of your comfort zone will have you move closer towards your dream, closer to living your purpose, as you are listening to your heart, to your soul’s calling…Let me know what you experience in stepping up and be courageous.

Shout out if you want my help and encouragement (did you notice how I sneaked that in? hehehe)

A dear friend of mine, Heidi J Dening, recently launched a book called: ‘Her middle name is Courage’ . This book may help you along also…

Stay connected, with love and grace!

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