Are you in flow?

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Relax, be in flow. The Universe will guide you the way.

This is what I learnt the past week…the Universe will always show us the path of least resistance.

Just like our beautiful Rosie in this picture; during a walk she was going in a different direction I wanted her to go. I kept calling her to come my way. However, she followed her instinct and went a differnt path. After a few callouts, she stopped, sat down and rested. Then she followed her path again, knowing and trusting it was all going to be ok and showing me she is listening to a different frequency. I followed her and indeed, the path she was taking me on was a more curved and windy path, however, with a lot less holes in the ground!

Rosie had taught me in that moment (which didn’t become clear until the next day), that we can always trust the Universe to guide us on our path, be in our flow, as it is always the path of least resistance, which will get us to our outcome in a more aligned, supported and enjoyable way.

Are you currently in flow?#animalwisdom #TuneinTuesday #Universe #heart #purpose #flow#connectingsoulbeings

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