Listening…mmm…not always easy is it?

Today I felt I needed to record a meditation on audio for an online course I have available.

I had this voice telling me that it’s not the right time, as it’s raining outside, causing back ground noise and the energy is not in the right place to record this particular meditation; i.e. it is not the right Divine timing to record this. However, as we are usually so task focused, we ignore the voice and get on with the job.  Know the feeling?

Well, the Universe felt I wasn’t listening today as I was forcing the recording to happen.

I started the meditation, and in the back ground I heard the noises and thought ‘I have to stop as this is not good and distracting.’ I kept going. About 10 mins into the recording, my phone rings. A dear Soul called to just say ‘HI’ and check in with me.

Then it hit me…

This beautiful Soul was ‘sent by the Universe’ to make me stop recording!! I wasn’t listening!

Now, you must know that ‘listening’ in relation to our energy, spirit and the Universe as a whole, is not always listening with our ears. It is also listening to our intuition, which comes in different forms at any level.

Today I was put in my place; I wasn’t listening on any level or to any form!

Hence, I was reminded that we need to make sure we are aware, we are paying attention, and we are listening with all our senses and energy to anything we are supposed to listen to. Otherwise, you WILL be interrupted and put in your place 😉 OR you will encounter something happening that will steer you in the right direction.

So, take my experience and learning as advice, a suggestion or a tip; LISTEN to all your senses, with all your senses, at any level, before you act or do something and remain in flow with ease and grace. There is always a reason why we are being steered away from the task at hand; in particular if they are not in our alignment or not at the right Divine timing.

Love & Light,


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