Are you saying ‘NO’ to yourself?

by 11 Jan, 2020Uncategorized

The quote below is so true: most of us say YES to other people, however, at the same time you are saying NO to yourself.

Why are we doing this? Why is it that most of us look after others first? Because we love those people? Because it makes us feel better? Or it makes the other person feel better?

I invite you to ask yourself, before you say ‘yes’: what impact does saying yes have on ME? Am I also saying ‘yes’ to myself? If so, great! That is a fantastic!

If you are saying ‘no’ to yourself, and the end result is that you feel like you are only doing this to please the other person, than it is going to make you feel miserable, right? You won’t be able to truly enjoy that what makes the other person feel great?

So why do it?

ALWAYS make sure that when you say YES to someone, you are also saying YES to you! That is the only way you are loving yourself, looking out for yourself and in the end, truly enjoy what you are doing!

Image as part of the quote above by Dima Goroziya from Pixabay

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