Become the observer…

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…and you will have positive outcomes!

I don’t know about you, but I have experienced myself having a lot of “reactions” to events that happened in my life.  And the reactions haven’t always been of great benefit.

Then I learned to become the observer…and things started changing; become more positive and easier to handle.

Becoming the observer…what does this mean?  How does it work?

When you find yourself in a situation that has happened to you, perhaps beyond your control, and you feel frustrated, stressed and even angry or disappointed, you won’t be able to see how to deal with it or with a person.  You won’t see any solutions or different ways to respond.  That’s right, respond.  This is the place you want to be at; a place from where you can ‘respond’ rather than react.

“How do I get to the place of responding?” I hear you ask.  Great question!

You stop.  Just stop.

Take a step back, in your mind or physically, take a step back.   You automatically step into the role of the observer.  In this role you observe yourself in the situation you have found yourself in.  You take a deep breath.

And you learn from what you observe and decide how to respond.   Because responding to a situation means you act based on respect and love for yourself, for the situation and for any people who are involved.  You clear the way to make decisions based on what you have learned and respond according to those decisions; these decisions will have a positive outcome, a purpose and are in alignment with you.  These steps take away the ‘survival’ part; your reaction, and you will be able to respond from within you, yourself.

Stop, take a step back, observe, breathe and respond.  It sounds simple and it is.  All it takes is practice and awareness; with practise you will get to fine tune your response as you will listen, learn and respond with love, and it will be perfect in a universal sense. 

A beautiful friend reminded me of this, but in a slightly different way, which is simple to remember:​​
  • Get present is the stopping, taking a step back and observe

  • Choose love is breathing and connecting back to your self

  • Letting go is the decision, how to respond (which is chosing love) and let go

When we are present and choose love, we can do anything!  We are free, we experience ease and flow…

Who’s up for it??  I know I AM!

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