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‘Believe in yourself, trust yourself and go for what you want and your heart desires; go for what is right for YOU!’

In August I turned a new leaf and started a new health journey as well as following my beliefs in terms of health, animals, other people and earth.  

I became Vegan.

My family and friends are in full support.  Some people had to have their say when I mentioned my change in eating habits.  Sometimes this wasn’t very nice, but I know it is OK; they have their own beliefs and values, their own way of living and eating, and that is fully supported and respected by me.  Even my specialist was not happy at first and came up with a few negatives about my new chosen way of eating.  I didn’t let this stand in my way.

I KNOW why I do this and what I stand for.  I now also know that this is the best way for me to support and fuel my body, mind and spirit. Not to mention my positive contribution to the animals, humans and Earth.

For years I have been taking medication to fight Chronic Leukaemia.  I have been seeking ever since how to support my body to cope with the medication (trust me, they make me worse than the actual Leukaemia!)

In August I found the right person to guide me, advice me and support me.

The results?

  • I feel stronger 

  • I feel cleaner 

  • My brain fog is gone

  • I have more energy

  • More focus and clarity

  • Feeling I can get through the day 

  • Better connected to my SELF

  • No more feeling sluggish 

  • Lost 8.5 kilos

  • I feel ‘switched on’

  • Became even more creative in the kitchen preparing food 

  • Family and friends are also enjoying the food I prepare

Most importantly:  I can cope with the side effects of the medication much better AND I am in remission as of yesterday!!

So, there is much to celebrate for me and my family.

In the last 3 months I have experienced so much support from my family and friends as well as gained new friends, for which I am so grateful.

My tip for you:

Decide what you really want to change and WHY* you want to change.  Decide what to do and find the right support around you.  

No matter what others say!

YOU go for it 100% as it is good for YOU and it will help you be YOU and able to serve others, as you will have served your SELF first.


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