Bring your ego in alignment…

by 12 May, 2016Personal Development, Spirituality

Acknowledge your ego, that voice that may be holding you back.

Teach your ego what you are truly here to do;

there is absolute freedom doing this.

Take your ego by the hand.

Reassure your ego that everything is safe and

together you will have lots of fun.  

Together you will experience love, fulfillment and joy on the path you are taking; both your ego and your S.E.L.F.* will move in perfect alignment.

This is a learning that I have received from spirit and have been implementing the last few weeks, as I am preparing for my first big speaking gig on May 28th at Paracon in the Blue Mountains, Australia.   Recently, lots of “ego stuff” has been coming up, preventing me to prepare and belief in myself that I can do this, bringing on super old fears I thought I had dealt with a long time ago…

Nothing is perfect; I know this, but my ego hasn’t caught on yet.  

As soon as I tune into my S.E.L.F.* I KNOW that when I speak from this place, all will be well and people will learn, be inspired and I will feel humbled by the experience and able to fully be present with it.

I am fully trusting my S.E.L.F.* to be leading me; taking me on an exciting, safe and fulfilling journey.

I am in balance and harmony.

I am in alignment.

*S.E.L.F. = Soul Eternal Love Flame

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