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Even though chocolate is really yummy and it’s one of my ‘go-to’ treats…I know chocolate can have some terrible effects on our body and those of our animals, especially when we buy the cheap and nasty, and eat too much of it!

For us humans, all the obvious nasties we know about, so I am not even going to go into these…you get the picture.

We do have some wonderful alternatives we can have, which are actually healthy for us.

Pure cocoa, organic pure chocolate is available plenty at our organic store or health store. We need to make sure there are no preservatives, colouring and most importantly, no animal products in your chocolate such as milk power, milk solids, eggs etc, as they all have a negative impact on our body, the animals and the environment.  I even noticed Aldi here in Sydney had vegan chocolate eggs!  

Not saying that ‘vegan’ is always healthy, but as we love our animals, we do want to live vegan…right?!

For our beautiful animals, we need to make sure that ALL chocolate is OUT OF REACH …in particular for dogs, as chocolate is toxic for them, can cause internal bleeding, and death. There are great alternatives for chocolate, we can give to our bubbies. For example, they can have some carob treats, which taste like chocolate. Have a look in your pet store or health food store for these, and treat your dog moderately.

 For both our animals and us; buy consciously, ethically and eat in moderation!!!

Have a lovely Easter!

Love & Light,

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