From plucking feathers to happiness

by 29 Oct, 2015Uncategorized

A little over a year ago I met this beautiful rainbow lorikeet.  He was in a large cage looking very unhappy, having plucked his feathers and feeling very sad.
I asked him why he feels so down and what I can do for him.

He explained that he feels very lonely.  Even though he lives in this family and is treated well and fed well, he is missing a ‘buddy’.

I passed on the message to the family and low and behold a few months later, they found a new family with another lorikeet. They introduced the two lorikeets and they ‘hit if off’ from the start.

The unhappy lorikeet became very happy, stopped his plucking and looks and feels beautiful once again.

If you observe any change in behaviour in your pet, make sure you take note, observe and find out what this may be.  It might be a simple adjustment of nutrition, care, different place to sleep, our interaction with our pet or a new buddy.

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