Honour and Nourish yourself – similar to your dog

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It can be a challenge in our busy lives to take time out and look after ourselves.  To be able to be the best we can be, it is necessary to make time for us, to relax, rejuvenate and nourish our body, mind and spirit.

When I look at my dogs, Rosie & Toby, I get it.  They look after themselves in that they nourish their whole being every day.  They eat, walk, sleep, chill and play.  They also ‘work’ in that they guard and protect our home and everyone in the home, as well as ‘sniff out’ everything and anything during their walks.

What can we do to nourish ourselves?  What do our dogs do to honour and nourish themselves?  

Some of the things many of us do on a daily basis are:-

  • get enough sleep (dogs sleep very regularly)

  • eating healthy, whole organic foods with no meat and dairy(I’d love to think that we all care for our dogs via nutrition also)

  • drink lots of water, purified (our dogs will most definitely drink a lot of water)

  • avoid caffeine and alcohol

  • meditate or taking breaths to re-energise the body and remove toxic energies (well…I have not noticed my dogs meditate, however, they do breath and let out big sighs to release toxins and energies no longer needed)

  • learn and explore one new thing daily (oh yes!  Our dogs explore new things very well!)

  • have a bath (some dogs don’t like this; others take a bath in dirty and muddy water!)

  • receive a massage (dogs beg for a good cuddle, pet and massage!)

  • yoga (dog pose??! 😉  Dogs love to stretch out their body)

My invitation to you this week is to observe your dog (and other animals if you have other pets).  Find out how they relax and nourish themselves; honour their body, mind and spirit in this way.  What can you learn from that and start doing?  If you want more fun and connect at a different level with your pet,  ask them what they believe you could do to honour yourself?

Let me know how you go; I am very eager to find out from you!  

Love & Light

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