How can you serve YOU?

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Wow, how time flies – we are already in July!!  But we are all having FUN aren’t we?? 😉

Many of you are preparing for the end of the financial year and as such are also preparing for the new financial year, with new goals and exciting things you’d like to do.

Well, I am doing the same; taking stock of where I am at in my life and my business and what can I do more of to serve?

My life is exactly where I want it to be: I have a loving partner who supports me and brings a lot of joy into my life, we have a teenage son who is wonderful, loving and caring and yes…a teenager.  We have two mature, yet energetic dogs who love us to bits and vice versa.  We live in one of the best cities in the world and are very abundant and happy.

My business is going very well, if I do say so myself!  I am so grateful and blessed for all the support from friends, family and above all, my clients who I love working with every day.  The amount of satisfaction and love I have for the work I do with my clients and the animals is beyond words. 

Still I ask myself:  What can I do more of to serve better?  What can I do more of so the work I do has a bigger impact on a bigger scale? Serving you and serving animals…

So far I have been privileged to connect with beautiful people and animals.  The stories, messages and information received have been profound, surprising, affirmative, sometimes emotional, as well as highly rewarding and successful for people and for the animals I connect with.

Let me take an example of the work I do with animals; the deep connnection I have with them during conversations.  People engage me to connect as they’d like to know more about their pet or their pet has a specific change in behaviour, or pain in their body, to name a few reasons.  People come up with many wonderful questions, for which I translate the answers from their pets.  I would love to share with you the top 5 questions asked:

  1. Are you happy?

  2. What else can I do for you?

  3. Are you in any pain?

  4. Do I feed you right?

  5. What would you like to say in general?

And this is interesting: why do we ask these questions of our animals?  Because we want to serve them better, we want to be able to help our animals in every which way.  So….why are we not doing this for ourselves?  What would happen if you ask those 5 questions to your self as well as other questions we have?  WE have answers that come from our heart; we have to listen to these answers and act accordingly.  Only then are we able to serve ourselves.  Only then are we truly looking after ourselves, know what we need, understand where we are going and be free.

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