Let go of doubt and self judgement

by 4 May, 2015Uncategorized

Do you experience doubt and self judgement? Let this go! It doesn’t serve you…

Woke up this morning with this song in my head…it is the corniest song…or so I thought.

It is a great tune to dance to and it does make me feel good, however, this morning I received this song with a message:  Get out of my doubt and own judgement! Letting this go!

Just like the song, the guys is singing about ‘she is superficial, complicated, disastrous, impossible’…mmm…doubt? Self judgement?

BUT the women is singing ‘she is super sexy, delightful, desirable, irresistible, sensational, incredible’…YEAH!

So, I am focusing on all the wonderful things I have achieved, the work that I love doing, the things I am going to achieve and the beautiful soul I am! I am D.I.S.C.O: Divine, Irresistible, Sensational (and sexy), Creative and Outstanding! wink emoticon.

I’ll dance to that!



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