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One of the pets I had the privilege to connect with was a beautiful boxer, Occy.  It was a short but intense conversation.  One of the things Occy raised was the food he eats on a daily basis. There were a few things lacking and this needed to change so as to improve the nutritional value entering his body, as well as raising his happiness.

Luckily for Occy he has a wonderful human family around him, who listened and implemented the changes immediately. Occy experienced a positive change in his mood and state of mind.

All too often do I talk to animals and they share with me that the first thing they want to change is what they eat. Us humans rarely take the time to research what the best food is, when to give this and even when to have a ‘rest day’. I am certainly not a vet nor an animal nutritionist, however, from what I have researched and read and been told by dogs in particular is that a ‘rest day’ is very important. A day where no food is given. As their digestive system is different to ours, it serves them well to have a day without food, so their system can relax, cleanse and rejuvenate.

The food we give our dogs (and cats for that matter) is left to be desired. Unfortunately, with all the big companies out there pushing their processed food brands out in the market, dogs are suffering big time and a lot of discomfort and even dis-ease is attracted.

Some dogs love being vegetarian or vegan, and other dogs still enjoy their meat!
Just like us 😉

One of the books I read over the years and I recommend is written by Dr Clare Middle from Western Australia. ‘Real food for dogs and cats’. This talks about natural, non-processed foods for our four-legged furry kids. It’s a a very easy read, easy to follow and certainly a great guide for you to start learning about the right way of feeding your dog (and cat!)

Personally, I have always followed the guidelines in that book, and lately I have been taking my Rosie & Toby on a trial of vegan food…they eat the same as me! Apart from a few things 😉

The results are amazing; Toby has reduced his itchy-ness and seems more alert. Both crave food more and the bowls are emptied even quicker than before, and now, they are asking for more! On occasion, probably once every 2 weeks, they still have a chicken leg, as they ask for it; their bodies still need it. But 99% of the time they are vegan.

Do yourself and your furry child a favour; buy the Clare Middle’s book or another book you find in the bookstore about healthy, natural food for cats and dogs and change what you give them.

And if you need a hand, I am here to help you and your pet!

Love & Light,


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