Animal Connection Journey


One-to-One Soul Coaching session

Imagine...being able to know exactly what your pet is feeling and thinking...

Wouldn't it be interesting to know exactly what your pet is thinking and feeling?  What they are telling you when they stare at you?  Why they may have changed behaviour?  Or are you interested in using animal communication in your current or new business?

Animal Connection Journey will certainly teach you how to learn directly from your pet what goes on for them.  You will deepen your intuitive communication and relationship with your pet and other animals.

Working with Bianca through one-to-one sessions over six weeks will see you working through the following modules:

  • Animal Communication; what is it an why is it so important?
  • Telepathy and Intuition; the differences and how to use these in animal communication
  • Spiritual Vibration and Connection for You​
  • State Management and Boundaries; caring for You
  • Connecting to Animals; your true communication with the animal kingdom​​
  • Animal Wisdom and Knowledge; what to do and how to use the information received​
  • The practical side; planning and implementation​
  • ​Your Daily Life; How to apply Intuitive Communication in every day life​

BONUS: before you start, Bianca will tune into your pet to establish what your pet wants to work on with you, which you'll learn about through an audio recording and a Care and Action Plan.  (valued at $440)

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