Soul Vibe Portrait


One-to-One Soul Coaching session

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Are you curious to see what your soul looks like?

Keen to find out what your soul's messages are?

By way of channelling your soul colours, symbols and shapes, I am creating a Soul Vibe Portrait for you.

As you allow me to tune into your energy, and communicate directly with your soul and your guides, I receive messages, and my hand draws these in pencil or brush strokes, to show you what they look like. You will receive a beautiful representation of your soul in that moment.

My spiritual team has told me that when you have your drawing visible, whether you frame it, have it on your phone wall paper, or even tattoo it on your body, you will be able to tune into it, and get to know your soul self. This will help you align, expand and work together with your soul in this lifetime.

Together with a summary and explanation, you will receive your personal Soul Connection Blueprint by email.

This also makes a wonderful present for someone you love.

I look forward to connecting and create your personal Soul Vibe Portrait.

Stay connected, with love and grace.