soul connection session


Soul connection
Re-connect to your Soul and find yourself again through alignment and raising your vibration.
You will discover your passion, purpose and unconditional love for your SELF.
Create your life around what you LOVE doing and who you LOVE being.
You ready?

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Do you find yourself asking questions such as: 


How well do I know myself?  Why do I feel so dissatisfied?  How can I balance my work and my life?  What are my goals? Am I happy?  Do I know what my purpose is?  Who am I really? What would I like to be able to do? When did I last try something I haven't done before? Am I on the right track? Why am I experiencing all these new feelings? Why do I hear things?  Why do I see and feel things?

​"Bianca has been my mentor for nearly two years now and I must say meeting her and attending her mentoring sessions has quite literally changed my life." 

Luisa Rullkotter

Don't worry!  You are not alone!


You bring any concerns that you have about you, your relationships, values, beliefs, career, finance, guilt or fear (the list is endless!), I will bring love, support, intuition and connection, a listening ear, care, warmth, skill, experience and absolute confidentiality!


We work together in a partnership, utilising a combination of various methods; intuitive connection, state awareness, alignment, practical exercises, coaching, spiritual guidance, meditation, energy healing and oracle cards. We remove obstacles, heighten your awareness, raise your energy, bring forth inspired action, reveal your passions, awaken your Universal potential, your gifts and much more. 


This results in knowing yourself, bring harmony into your life with your work, family and friends. You will know deeply what your purpose is, what your gifts are. You will even do things you haven’t done before. Let's get you back; step into your own light, be you and happy in unconditional love.


You will learn how to live from a higher level of conscious awareness, how to work with your feelings, desires and goals and how to manifest what you truly want in your life.  

I am committed to your journey as I can't wait to see YOU!  Are you?

I’m ready: book me in!

The four steps in Your Soul Alignment Journey


Learn everything about energy, the law of attraction, spiritual alignment, communicating with animals and your spirit guides, energetic vibration, and much more! Once you understand this, you can ‘tap in’ to become fully aligned with your soul purpose, and work with your spiritual side each day.

It's all about YOU! Learn exactly where you are at spiritually, and how your past and current experiences have influence over you. Receive and apply tools to let go of energetic trauma, feeling stuck, and understand what the difference is between your soul voice and human voice. You will also know who to be as a person, moving forward.

You are about to bridge your two worlds: human and spirit. As you tap into your 'spiritual team,’ you’ll learn to work together so you have trust, knowledge and clarity about who you truly are, insight into your life, and understanding what you desire to manifest consciously in your life. In other words, doing what you love!

I call this 'collaboration at a high vibrational level’.

You have come home!

Now you are truly aligned, working with your spirit team daily. You are filled with love, joy, and peace. You experience true freedom, as you have the energy, the flow, and the knowledge that you are doing everything the way you desire, and being who you are meant to be: a beautiful Soul in a beautiful human body.

I’m ready: book me in!

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