Stop, breathe, listen and observe…

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I know…you may already hear it all around you; now is the time to set your goals for next year. Decide what you want to change… It’s the same thing over and over again…

Well, I am not going to tell you what you already know. What I am keen to invite you to do is to just stop. Stop…

Stop and be still. Stop, breathe and listen. Stop, breathe and observe. Stop, breathe and learn.

Being still to listen to your self, and observe where you are at. And then…acknowledge ALL the good stuff you have done so far, this year and even in your life. And, more importantly, acknowledge ALL that you are.

Acknowledge your beautiful self. Celebrate you and all that you have done this year, and the years before… Celebrate where you are at; you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, and it’s all OK!

Stop, and find a lovely place to be, in your home, or outside, just with you and your beautiful soul self. Perhaps even bring a notebook, a voice recorder, to make note of what you are observing when you are quiet and allow everything that has happened this year to come into your awareness. Especially the great things.

Sure! All the ‘bad stuff’ we may have experienced will come to you as well. And that is fantastic! We process it, and then we take away the big learning from it. It’s ok to still go through that ‘stuff’ as well… remembering what didn’t go so well. What is the learning from these situations and experiences?

Also, make a note of these learnings, as combined with all the great things you have experienced, you can move forward. You can adjust, become more of the beautiful YOU that you already are.

Life is amazing! And it helps us to truly step further into the soul and human being we all are.

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