Story of love from a boxer girl*

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This beautiful boxer girl is an amazingly grateful and loving dog I met a few months ago. She is a from Sydney and unfortunately, experienced trauma during a simple surgery at the vet. She is lovingly cared for by her human mum* and grandparents 😉

Her human mum contacted me to help boxer girl with her trauma and pain with Reiki healing.

During this process boxer girl showed me where she is living temporarily to focus on her recovery, who she is with and how she loves her human family.  She is extremely wise, and is so grateful for all the love and support she is receiving in her life.  She is responding well to the Reiki and having me ‘around’ to chat to at an almost weekly basis.

In addition to focusing on her getting better, boxer girl is also working with me in helping her human mum with a transition she is going through and the results are extra-ordinary!

In the meantime, boxer girl is doing better every day and is loving all the attention!!

What an amazing story!

Reason I share this story is to show the close connecting and loving relationship we have with our pets and how our pets are here to guide us, teach us and help us through some major events in our lives.

Treasure our animal friends and love them unconditionally!

*client name withheld for privacy purposes.​

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