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by 20 Aug, 2018Animal Communication, Podcast

My dear and wonderful friend, Ella Gibbins, is a woman of many talents. She is a cinematographer and very unique podcaster. She is also the creator and producer of The Atlas of Consicousness. The Atlas creates original books, films, podcasts, channellings, and teachings into the world, as well as stories of higher consciousness and cinematic collaborations with Spiritual leaders.

Through her life Ella has been focused on how she shows up as a human being, and lately she has been exploring consciousness; there is more to the world and us humans, than meets the eye.

Her podcast talks about her journey as well as the journey of Spiritual leaders.

Hence it was a great honour for me to be invited to the podcast. Ella and I had a great conversation about animals, being our guides and how animal communication helps not only the animals, but us humans as well. You are in for a treat with a life conversation during the podcast with Ella’s animal friend, Mitch.

Grab yourself a coffee or tea, relax and enjoy the conversation!

I’d love to learn your feedback and questions; post your comments below 🙂

Stay connected, with love & grace.

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