The F… it Exercise…

by 23 Aug, 2018Energy Healing, Soul Coaching & Connecting

Nooo… it’s not what you think!

This exercise was taught to me by one of the experts I have been interviewing lately for my upcoming Summit, launching on 1 October.

I love this exercise, so wanted to share it!

When you are triggered by fear, anger, sadness, anxiety or any other negative emotions, you F it (NO not that one!):
feel it, forgive it and free it.

Feel the feeling: the moment you feel the trigger, you feel it emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Feel the feeling really deeply. Don’t hide from it, don’t deny it, don’t judge it and make it all wrong and criticise yourself, but feel it like you have never been with that feeling before.

Forgive it: forgive everything and everyone involved with the feeling, then feel the forgiveness. Say something like “I forgive myself for having these feelings. I forgive the perpetrator for this predicament. In this moment, forgive and feel the forgiveness deeply.

Free it: free the feeling by not entertaining the impulse any longer; release it. Make a new decision by doing something different, create a new energetic release.

You’ll feel as good as the cat in the image below!! 😉

Thank you, Shawna Pelton!

Stay connected, with Love & Grace!

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