One of the reasons why your body may have the flu…

by 16 Jun, 2016Energy Healing, Soul Coaching & Connecting, Spirituality

The flu season has started here in Australia and this week I have been in bed with the flu; in my chest, my throat and ultimately in my head…YUK!!!

YET, I still managed to meditate on why I am sick. Asking my body “what is going on?”

The answer?

Fear…pure and simple fear.

Fear is “False Expectations Appearing Real.”  Yes, it is the most felt feeling and sensations for many people, however, you can move yourself beyond it.

It doesn’t matter what role you play in your personal and professional life, everyone experiences fear.  However, what you may not know is that fear is merely manifested by our ego, our human side feeling uncomfortable with what is happening with you or what you are thinking.  Ego is ‘protecting’ you from anything that might happen which may be dangerous or outside the norm.

Consider this: what IF you are just going to do what you FEEL is right? Regardless of what your ego thinks it’s protecting you from…

What IF you just say what you want to say as you know this is in your ALIGNMENT and part of your VALUES?

In the last 6 weeks I have been really stepping up and out in the open with my work, which some people see as being out of the norm.  I have met many different and wonderful people and spoke to them about what they belief and value and was very inspired by their openness, authenticity and courage.

So I took that on board, and I am talking to people about what I do and how I can help animals and the people around them.  I have been stepping out with my beliefs and values.  I am more visible and share my experiences with authenticity and openness (even on stage!)  I admit, it is uncomfortable and scary and boy, is my ego telling me this; however, as I keep doing this, my body is letting go of barriers, blockages and feelings I no longer need in my energy, by making my body feel sick.

As my body is in this state, it is merely keeping me to rest, release and recover. Once this process is complete, I am ready to continue my work, be seen, connect, inspire and be inspired no matter what.  I am unstoppable and am continuing my path and live my purpose and do my heart-centered work.


“NO matter what or who stops you; always remember that YOU are a beautiful Soul Being, having a human experience in this life and ‘stuff’ will come up.  Allow this to come up, let it go, follow your heart and DO the things you are here meant to do.”

Love & Light,

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