Tuning into your body

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Similar to me tuning into the animals, I tune into my body. I have learnt this the hard way over the years, as food has a big impact on how we feel physically and emotionally.

Yes, I still go ‘off the wagon’ and eat something my body doesn’t relate to, however, most of the time I only eat the foods I KNOW my body loves and really operates on smoothly.

I see my body as an engine…hey, you don’t throw diesel in a petrol car, do you?? (OK I may have done this once to my brother’s car yeeeeaaaars ago…see, the lessons…)

Through out this lifetime, I have been a meat eater, vegetarian, pescetarian, been on ‘diets’ etc. and now I know, not only for the ethical, animal and environmental reasons, that being vegan is THE fuel for my body.

How do I know this? By listening to what my body tells me after I eat food. How does it feel? Do I have aches/pains? Am I bloated? Where is my energy at? How do I feel mentally? All these questions are a regular check list for me. For example; when I eat bread, I know I feel lethargic, down and out, can’t think clearly and my tummy feels bloated. So, I avoid bread as much as I can and only have this on occasion.

Why am I sharing this with you?

 Because I want the same for you! For you to feel in tune with your body and adjust what you eat in accordance to how your body feels. It will bring so many positive small changes to your life, with a massive big impact.

AND – I am here for you if you need any support!

Enjoy a wonderful Easter Sunday, fully tuned in!!!

Love & Light

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