You are entitled to all that is good…

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Today I was guided to open one of the books I love:  ‘Lessons from the Source’ by Jack Armstrong.  It opened up on this beautiful knowing and lesson for all of us to take in this week and follow our dreams and fulfill our highest desires:

You are entitled to all the good that the universe has to offer.  If you can accept this entitlement, you will never need to struggle or plead or supplicate.

It is yours.

You are entitled to it.  Period.

End of discussion.

How would a wealthy, all-powerful ruler act if he needed something?  He would issue the order, stake his claim, and command that his good be there for him.

You are the wealthy and all-powerful heir of my kingdom.  All that I have is yours, and all that I can do, you can do also.  Accept that and move on with the fulfillment of your dreams and your highest desires.

As scary as it may seem sometimes, we have to live our dream!!

With Love & Light,


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