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…to know your true self is to look within and there you will discover a gift whose brilliance makes any material possession fade into insignificance.” – Karen Wade: Truth creates heaven on Earth

You know, animals do this so brilliantly; we have them around us so we see how they act, behave and are just in a place of ‘being’.  That is exactly the place I want to always connect to, this place of being.

Writing my book stirs up quite a bit for me. I am being challenged on my beliefs, my abilities and what I stand for and I too forget to look within.  And then, I look at and work with animals.  And I see who they are; I see there beauty, their being.  How they live in harmony, especially when they are in the wild.  And I see my S.E.L.F. and the magnificent being I am.

Now, like us humans, animals face their own challenges as they are in our environment.  Living with us, they take on what we go through and this has a significant impact on who they are as a being.  I see this, animals have told me this and I feel this in them.  Is that such a good thing?  Initially, absolutely not.  However, they present this to us so that we can learn and re-learn how to be.  How we can regain balance and harmony.  If you have an animal in your family, then I invite you to observe them, feel them and even connect with them.  What do you hear, see and feel?  They can help us to re-connect to our true self within.

With all the energy shifts in the last couple of months, including the blood moon, we need to regain our balance and harmony and re-connect with our true self.

Go on…experience you, your true S.E.L.F. and feel the love and harmony.

See the magnificent Being you truly are.

Love & Light,

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