Your Pet is Your Mirror

by 6 Sep, 2017Animal Communication, Soul Coaching & Connecting

What is your pet saying about you?

Your pet IS your mirror…I bet you haven’t been paying attention , have you?

Let’s observe our pets for a day or three and see if you can find any persistent behaviours, you know, those that may irritate you? Well…your pet is telling you something.

Behaviour could include, barking for no reason, sulking, following you, looking at you all the time, not eating or perhaps feeling like you do, i.e. presenting with aches and pains you have too.

Have a look to see if you can find these behaviours within yourself…and let’s DECIDE TO CHANGE them for your best well being state and that of your pet!

Post your observations below…I am very keen to find out what your pet is ‘signalling’ you…

Love & Light,


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